Our History

Blame it on COVID-19. In February 2020, a nationally top-ranked equity research analyst realized that the pandemic would make the first quarter earnings cycle like no others. He also knew that the information shared in those earnings calls would be valuable for an audience beyond the mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers, and other investor-oriented professionals who usually listen in. In particular, people who do business with large companies – such as financial advisors, executive recruiters, life insurance sales professionals – all would benefit from the intelligence.

That analyst was Eric N. Berg, a CPA and CFA, who built a small, nimble team of Wall Street and publishing professionals to report on Q1 earnings calls with these new audiences in mind: Marc Wiznia, the former head of strategy at Voya Financial who is a consultant on the team; Sam Lippe, a veteran portfolio manager and analyst in health care; and Margot Slade, a former senior editor at The New York Times, global managing editor at Bloomberg News, and editor-in-chief of Consumer Reports. They wanted to create something different. 

With You in Mind is their brainchild. The New York-based group offers individual company reports and industry roundups written in clear, concise, accessible language and available by subscription. The team plans to debut podcasts, webinars, and a possible blog. Also in the works are teaching notes on relevant news; custom research reports; and on-demand audio interviews with senior industry executives.