What Sets Us Apart

Unlike typical Wall Street research, which focuses on helping investors decide whether to own a particular stock, With You in Mind (WYIM) synthesizes, summarizes, and serves up information to a wider audience. Financial advisors as they help clients manage their assets, or insurance specialists who distribute a carrier’s policies, or recruiters bringing new executives into a company, or health care professionals working with the newest medical devices – all can benefit from the insights and information that WYIM offers. And they’ll do so at a time when the COVID-19-disrupted economy has heightened the need to understand in new ways the companies with which they work. 

Our reports are different. We don’t discuss earnings per share, buy-sell-hold ratings, or valuations. Instead, we laser-focus on the information that interests you.

WYIM delivers insights rather than numbers, perspective on the future rather than data about the past. We bring top-level professionals to the task, from founder Eric N. Berg, CPA, CFA, a top-ranked analyst in the insurance and asset management sectors at some of the leading financial corporations in the U.S.; to Marc Wiznia, the former head of strategy at Voya; Sam Lippe, a veteran portfolio manager and health care analyst; and Margot Slade, a former senior editor at The New York Times, global managing editor at Bloomberg News, and editor-in-chief of Consumer Reports.